Excited for Zoom! Whitening?

The Zoom! System has emerged as one of the more effective tooth-whitening products out on the market today. If you are looking around for a product that adds more substance to the term “pearly whites,” an Orlando dentist may educate you on its nuances. Here are some pointers to help you prepare for undergoing a professional teeth whitening through Zoom!

Regular Maintenance

When committing to a Zoom! Teeth whitening procedure, your dentist will underline the importance of regular brushing and flossing ahead of the appointment, as any plaque deposits will reduce the effectiveness of the teeth whitener’s ultraviolet light. You may have to fast to get ready because food particles are just as detrimental.


Zoom! teeth whitening involves applying a chemical gel to your teeth to better admit the light. Preparations for the procedure may take as long as 30 minutes because your eyes, lips and gums will be covered to avoid exposure to the gel, which contains 25% hydrogen peroxide. The light device will help the gel react better to the teeth and accelerate the whitening. All in all, the main bleaching process will take no more than one hour.


Do not brush or floss after the teeth whitening or in the next 24 hours. Your dentist may then ask you to supplement the procedure through at-home whitening solutions.


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