Dental Implants Remedy Teeth Loss Issues

Tooth loss does not just ruin a person’s smile. It can cause the jawbone to shrink as well, which making those who have lost all teeth appear gaunt. The shrinking of the jaw bone due to reduced utilization causes people to look prematurely aged, and has a dire long-term effect on digestive health. Chewing food properly triggers the release of saliva which softens food for its easier transfer to the esophagus. The difficulty in chewing leads to a gradual loss of appetite, resulting in poor health.

Approximately 178 million people in the U.S. are missing at least one tooth. To mitigate the condition, most patients undergo various dental restorative procedures, the most natural of which is dental implantation.

The key benefit of such a procedure is that the implant connects directly to the jaw bone. It makes use of titanium which biochemically attaches to the bone creating a bond that functions as well as a natural tooth. An implant also does not require the neighboring teeth to be ground down. Moreover, since it’s quite close to the real thing, it can be maintained just like regular teeth.

However, certain medical conditions may deem a patient not suitable for dental implant. An experienced dentist can discuss with you the important factors to consider before a surgery, as well as the aftercare needed. Those who wish to benefit from this procedure can visit established dental implant specialists for their own customized sets that can effectively address their unique tooth restoration needs.


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