Common Types of Cosmetic Dentistry Solutions

Cosmetic dentistry is not just all about dental cleaning or teeth whitening. Here are some other procedures, which fall under this category of dentistry, that you may not realize are part of what a cosmetic dentist can do.


These are formed to mimic the appearance of natural teeth. It is usually recommended to help fix cracked or damaged enamel, gaps between teeth, and even crooked ones, too. It’s a fairly simple procedure as well, as it only needs dental adhesive to bond with the teeth’s surface.

Dental Implants

While dental implant installation can be an invasive procedure, it is considered a cosmetic dentistry solution because it is meant to improve the overall appearance of the teeth. This involves the integration of a titanium screw into the jawbone over the location of the lost tooth. This will then act as the supporting base for the replacement crown. Dental implants are important not only to keep maximum functionality of the mouth by retaining a complete set of teeth, but it also helps in preventing the teeth from becoming misaligned.

Composite Bonding

This is an alternative to getting a full extraction of decayed or damaged tooth. Here, the dentist takes out the decayed portion of the tooth by drilling it and then applying the composite on its surface. It is then sealed with a high-intensity light, giving the formerly damaged tooth a brand new appearance. There are many other variants of cosmetic dentistry procedures, all of which could be better addressed and explained by your dentist. If you are interested in getting your teeth saved and fixed instead of just simply getting them pulled out, then it would be best to consult with your dentist immediately so that you can both work out the most viable option for your specific case.


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